President Tanya Williams encourages us to work and dream together!
As the new elected president of SCAGO, I am truly excited about all that we have accomplished as a team in the past years; it was great to be a part of it all. I do however look forward to all the endless possibilities that can and will be implemented this year and in the years to come. I am looking forward to collaborating with every board member, management, volunteers and members to hear every input, insight and idea that will continue to bring the vision of SCAGO to life. As the saying goes “Teamwork makes the dream work” and bringing the vision and mission of SCAGO is going to take all of us coming together collaboratively to continue to provide the excellent service that we offer patients and families affected with SCD. I want to thank everyone that has supported SCAGO over the year with their donations and their time. I hope we can continue to have your support at SCAGO as we continue this journey to spread awareness.
Sickle Cell & Thalassemic Disorders Act
SCAGO is a proud member of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Canada (SCDAC). Founded in 2012, SCDAC is the national body regulating patient advocacy and support in Canada. It currently has 6 member organizations.